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Alyssa Brant


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Brad & Alyssa's Consultant in Topeka is Maureen Kennedy

You can reach Maureen by phone at 800-262-9725 ext. 65286

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Here's what Alyssa's advisers have to say about Jostens products and her services.


Jessika Curry, Rapoport Academy

Brad & Alyssa gives the same level of care to a tiny 1A as he does to his much larger (and more profitable) schools. They are accessible and personable; I'm really excited to work with them this year to make our best book yet.

Deanna Dellana, Bowie High School

Not only have Brad and Alyssa taken care of all of my questions, concerns and general yearbook craziness, he has done it with the attitude of "I will do whatever I can do to make your life easier."  Brad and Alyssa have taken the initiative to put together a local summer yearbook camp that would enable his clients to attend a great summer workshop closer to home at a reasonable cost.